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Welcome to the Next Generation of Christian Radio

Welcome to Worship Road Radio, inspired by Matthew 7:14: "But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Based in Vancouver, Canada, as a non-profit under the Worship Road Radio Foundation, we offer uninterrupted worship by eliminating ads, sharathons, and sermons.

Our innovative approach creates a digital ecosystem that integrates live radio with curated playlists that correspond to live programming enabling you to customize your worship experience. And our nonprofit model allows for an experience without the interruption of ads, sharathons, or sermons.


Our definition of worship music is any music that inspires you to worship our Savior and King, so you will hear a  wide range of music styles.  In addition to the most popular worship songs, we will also feature new and independent artists that you won't hear on traditional Christian radio.  With our

Join us at Worship Road Radio—broadcasting from Vancouver Canada. Your journey through worship is always just a click away. Let us fuel your journey on the narrow road to life.

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